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Spiral Rain

Lodestone (Magnetite) Tumbled

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Lodestone is a magnetic stone that has a strong positive-negative polarity. Lodestone is an exceptionally potent stone that stimulates our entire chakra system. Working with this stone will assist in realigning our chakras and eliminating any blockages between them. It helps one remain rooted and connected to the soil, while also releasing any thoughts or emotions that weigh heavily on the mind. Lodestone helps attract the energy you emit and serves as a "mirror" of the individual. This stone enables a person to see oneself from a different perspective than they are accustomed to, and provides the facts need to make a change. By altering key aspects of one's behaviour, one will quickly become aware of the difference in energy that the cosmos directs to them each day. Lodestone is also an effective protection stone that is ideal for everyday carry. This mineral creates a "steel curtain" around your aura, preventing any negative entity from attaching to you. Even leaving a piece in a high-stress location that you frequent daily is advised. Lodestone energies are powerful enough to attract love, joy, happiness, and compassion to any area in need of healing. Also, let's not overlook the amazing grounding energies that will keep us centred. Lastly, this mineral is a highly effective manifestation tool that can assist one in achieving their aspirations and desires. In addition to drawing energies similar to your own, this crystal can also improve your intentions. Simply meditating with lodestone while focusing all of one's attention on reaching one's dreams will cause one to become obsessed with achieving them. These dreams become a part of you, and until you complete them, you may feel incomplete. Lodestone aids in following one's desires while remaining concentrated and avoiding daily distractions.

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