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Spiral Rain

Milky quartz Tumbled

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Milky quartz, also known as white quartz, snowy quartz, and wisdom quartz, is one of the most abundant stones on Earth and is merely a more opaque variant of clear quartz. Milky quartz is rumoured to carry all of humanity's and Mother Gaia's memories, as it is found on every continent and has been utilised as a sacred instrument by early humans up until the current day. Milky quartz is an effective crystal for accessing collective wisdom and perhaps remembering past lifetimes. Similar to clear quartz, milky quartz holds and magnifies purpose while also dispersing an atmosphere of calmness, quiet, and peace into an individual's energy field and area. Milky quartz, a lovely healing stone, promotes the cleansing of energetic stagnation and physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium. Milky quartz is highly recognised for its stress-relieving and negative-emotion-repelling properties. Since the time it was produced, bubbles of unsolidified quartz solutions have floated in the stone, giving it a milky appearance. This gemstone's pristine white radiance purifies the heart and mind while dissipating any negative or stagnant ideas or emotions. Due to its association with'snow,' milky quartz possesses the ability to cool things.

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