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Spiral Rain

Ohm Box

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🕉️ Spiral Rain's Ohm Box: A Monthly Oasis for Body, Mind, and Soul 🕉️

Step into the harmonious realm of Spiral Rain's Ohm Box, a monthly elixir for the weary soul. Guided by a seasoned practitioner in Traditional Witchcraft and holistic healing, each box is an invitation to serenity. With keywords like "Spiritual Wellness," "Stress Relief," and "Holistic Healing," this offering is a serene lighthouse for souls adrift in the ocean of life’s stresses. Subscribe today and resonate with the ancient, eternal vibration of Ohm.


  • 🛀 Bath Salts, Candles, Mists
  • 🍵 Monthly Themed Tea
  • 💎 Gemstones and Crystal Accessories
  • 🌿 Essential Oils and Mists
  • 🌙 Monthly Mini-Course and Grimoire Magazine
  • 💰 Retail Value of CAD $80+
  • 📦 A minimum of 5 Items Depending on Value

Who Should Purchase?

If you are a seeker of inner peace, a warrior against stress, or a soul looking to align with the universal vibrations, the Ohm Box is your monthly sanctuary for rejuvenating body, mind, and soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What items are included in each box?

    • The box encompasses a variety of natural products such as bath salts, teas, essential oils, gemstones, and more.
  • Is there an educational aspect?

    • Absolutely, each box includes a mini-course on the monthly theme as well as a monthly Grimoire Magazine.
  • What about shipping and customs?

    • Boxes ship worldwide. Customs duties are not included and are the buyer's responsibility.
  • What if my address is incorrect?

    • It's the customer's responsibility to keep their account information updated. Incorrect addresses may result in misdelivery and we hold no responsibility for boxes delivered to the wrong address.

Spiral Rain's Ohm Box is not just a compilation of items; it’s a spiritual retreat delivered to your doorstep each month. As you unbox each item, may you also unravel layers of stress and tension, revealing the serene core of your being. Let this box be a mantra, a recurring cycle of renewal and peace in your busy life. We offer you not just products, but the keys to a temple where your soul can rest and rejuvenate.

Subscribe today and align with the universal essence of Ohm. Blessed be! 🕉️✨