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Spiral Rain

Petrified Wood Tumbled

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Petrified Wood is wood that has turned to stone over time retaining all or most of the original features.  The rainbow of colors is formed from different minerals that leach into the wood as it decays.  These beautiful stones feel masculine but soft to the touch.  Like wood, they provide strength in all areas of your life. With Petrified Wood comes old knowledge and an extensive family tree. Through the process of fossilisation, a wealth of ancient earthly energy has been preserved, allowing the appropriate practitioner to channel and direct this elestial energy. The vibrations emanating from this wooden amulet supply the required nutrients for development and renewal, as well as unlocking a portal to our past lives. Through past-life recall, we are able to learn from past experiences and seek healing for old wounds. As their wounds may appear everlasting, certain scars endure throughout physical lives. Only through resolving and letting go of this previous pain will you be able to emotionally heal and move on. You can recognise these traumatic experiences by engaging in deep meditation and third eye practises, among other techniques. Visiting an experienced Reiki Master or Past Life Healer may be beneficial for you, particularly if you are unable to overcome deep obstacles. We have discovered that the energies emitted by petrified wood reverberate at a significantly higher frequency when routed outside (especially during the hours of dawn or dusk). The ambient sounds of living organisms can be amplified into entire life force energy. Similar to past civilizations, we can employ sound and frequency to heal by relinquishing complete control to vibrational energy. Petrified Wood supports an energetic cleaning and the transfer of grounding energy to our physical bodies, allowing the Earth to once again heal us.

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