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Spiral Rain

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Box

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Spiral Rain's Scorpio Box is a treasury of mystical tools, each meticulously selected to align with the Scorpio's passionate, charismatic, and intuitive essence. Charged with Reiki and steeped in magical intentions, it's a potent ally for anyone looking to deepen their personal power, protect their energy, and explore the depths of their spirit.

Unlock Your Scorpio Spirit:

  • Pamphlet ($5 value): Your guide to the spiritual journey within this box, offering insights on how to harness each item's energy for protection, intuition, and transformation.
  • Gemstone Bracelet ($25 value): A protective talisman featuring black obsidian and lava stone, designed to ground Scorpio's energy and shield against negativity.
  • Essential Oil Perfume (10ml) ($18 value): A seductive blend of jasmine, bergamot, and patchouli, infused with hibiscus flowers and black obsidian, to enchant the senses and awaken the soul.
  • Ritual Oil (10ml) ($15 value): Mirroring the perfume, this oil is perfect for anointing or diffusing, setting the stage for deep meditation or transformative rituals.
  • Natural Bath Salts (9 oz) ($20 value): Epsom and sea salts mixed with essential oils and topped with a tourmaline stone, for purifying baths that cleanse the aura and rejuvenate the spirit.
  • Soy Wax Candle (4 oz) ($18 value): Scented with honeysuckle and spicy vanilla, this candle is a beacon of Scorpio's intricate layers, offering protection and emotional balance.
  • Loose Incense (2 oz) ($15 value): Crafted with frankincense, ginger, and vanilla, topped with a smoky quartz, to protect and enhance Scorpio's psychic abilities.
  • Accessories: Includes 2 charcoal disks ($1 value), a small ceramic bowl ($5 value), and sand ($3 value) for a complete ritual experience.

Valued at $125, the Scorpio Box from Spiral Rain is not just a collection of items; it's a passage to embracing the full spectrum of Scorpio's enigmatic energy. Whether you're delving into your own soul's depths or seeking a unique gift for a Scorpio in your life, this box is a gateway to mystical exploration and empowerment.

Note: Our products are intended to support your spiritual and emotional wellness journey and should not replace professional advice.

Dive deep into the transformative power of Scorpio with the Scorpio Box, your guide to unlocking the mysteries within and around you.