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Spiral Rain

Tourmalinated quartz palm stone

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ONE Black Tourmaline in Quartz Palm Stone
Each stone is unique and varies

Avg. Size: 2.25"

Tourmalinated Quartz emits energies of illumination and comprehension of the physical world around you. The Tourmaline within the Quartz assists in activating and opening the root chakra, allowing the body and mind to connect with Mother Earth. One can both restore their physical body and rid their mind of negative thoughts and notions. This effect is amplified by the Quartz, which can rapidly boost one's consciousness and mental comprehension of the universe. Occasionally, an external reminder is required to realign your values and determine if you are on the correct road. Tourmalinated Quartz evokes the notorious esoteric phrase "As above, so below." This phrase comes from the Emerald Tablets, a compilation of over 2,000-year-old intellectual knowledge. There are numerous meanings of this statement, but eventually a general, imprecise consensus was achieved. It is accepted that YOU are the creator of your universe and your true identity. As you believe, so shall you attain. As you manifest something, you create it. Each step toward enlightenment is an integral aspect of the trip and brings you closer to connecting with your higher self.

• Grounding
• Shields from Negativity
• Energetic Protection
• Increases Vitality
• Reduces Stress
• Encourages Cooperation
• Encourages OptimismTo stay updated with new

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