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Spiral Rain

Tourmaline Light Green Raw

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Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite, is a lithium rich crystalline boron silicate mineral and member of the Tourmaline family. Green tourmaline is a heart-warming stone that helps restore vital life force energy. Its vibrations let one access their emotional body in order to comprehend their emotions. So frequently does our brain contain multiple stimuli that it can lead us to attribute our emotions to unrelated elements. Green Tourmaline enables one to see beyond these minor annoyances to the source of emotional distress. One will be able to recognise the trauma they have been carrying and comprehend what is preventing them from moving forward. By consistently working with this stone and tapping into the self-healing energies it offers, one will become more tranquil and able to focus on finding answers to heal all emotional anguish. Green Tourmaline promotes a heightened awareness and is here to assist you in becoming a representation of your higher self. Its vibrations encourage the mind to follow the wishes of the heart. One's concentration becomes laser-like and actively propels them in the desired direction. There may be numerous daily distractions in your life, but Green Tourmaline will give you the tunnel vision required to continue advancing.

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