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Spiral Rain

Virgo Tea

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A luxurious blend of black tea, bergamot and a rich sweet cream flavour.

Introducing our Virgo Tea, a perfectly balanced blend of Organic Black Tea, Orange Peel, Cornflowers, and natural essences. This tea is designed to help you tap into the energies of the Virgo season and harness the power of this detail-oriented, practical, and hardworking zodiac sign.

Our Virgo Tea is centered around Organic Black Tea, providing a bold and robust flavor, along with a boost of energy to support your productivity and focus. The addition of Orange Peel adds a bright and refreshing citrus flavor, evoking the grounded and earthy nature of the Virgo sign.

Cornflowers are added to the blend to provide a beautiful pop of color and a slightly floral flavor, representing the delicate and nurturing qualities of Virgo energy. Together, these ingredients create a perfectly balanced blend that's perfect for enjoying during the Virgo season or any time you want to tap into the grounded and practical energy of this zodiac sign.

Finally, natural essences are added to enhance the overall experience, providing a beautiful aroma and a touch of magic to the blend. With every sip of our Virgo Tea, you can feel a sense of grounding and stability, as you connect with the practical and detail-oriented energy of this zodiac sign.

Indulge in our Virgo Tea and tap into the energies of this grounded, practical, and hardworking zodiac sign. This tea is the perfect way to harness the energy of Virgo season and support your productivity and focus, as you navigate through the challenges and opportunities of life.

Ingredients: Black tea*, orange peel*, cornflowers*, natural essences (*organic)

Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
Steeping Temp: 100°C
Steeping Time: 2 minutes (2-5 with milk) mins.
Origin: Various
Caffeine: Medium-High
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Loose leaf
Aroma: Creamy, citrus
Infusion Aroma: Creamy, citrusy, malty
Infusion Color: Amber
Infusion Strength: Medium-Strong

Teas are sold in 1 oz (30g) bags and are packed loosely