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Spiral Rain

Mystical Trio Box (Apothecary + Crystals + Witch Box combo)

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🌿🔮 Spiral Rain's Mystical Trio: The Ultimate Apothecary, Crystals & Witch Combo Box 🌿🔮

Dive into Spiral Rain’s Mystical Trio Box, where the rich traditions of Apothecary, Crystals, and Witchcraft come together to create a comprehensive spiritual experience each month. Curated by a seasoned practitioner of Old World Witchcraft, this subscription box is designed to provide you with a holistic spiritual journey, featuring a wide range of tools and knowledge to enhance your magical practices.


  • 🌿 Holistic Spiritual Experience
  • 🔮 Apothecary, Crystals & Witch Boxes Combined
  • 📦 11 - 20 Specially Curated Items
  • 📚 Includes E-Course & Grimoire Magazine
  • 🌍 Ships Globally

What’s Inside?

  • Diverse Spiritual Toolkit: Each month, receive 11-20 items carefully selected to support and deepen your spiritual practices. This includes everything from healing herbs, potent crystals, to powerful witchcraft tools.
  • Rich Educational Content: Benefit from an exclusive e-course and a copy of our monthly Grimoire Magazine, which complement the physical items and help you integrate the wisdom into your practice.
  • Tailored to Enhance Your Practice: Items are chosen not only for their intrinsic value but also for their ability to work together to foster both your personal growth and spiritual development.

Who Should Subscribe?

  • Spiritual Enthusiasts: Ideal for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of holistic spirituality, combining elements of herbalism, crystal healing, and witchcraft.
  • Seekers of Growth and Learning: Perfect for those who appreciate a well-rounded approach to spiritual practices, looking to expand their capabilities and knowledge.

Transformational Experience:

  • Current State: You might be exploring spiritual practices independently but seeking a more integrated approach that combines various elements harmoniously.
  • Desired Future: Become a well-versed practitioner who understands how to utilize a range of spiritual tools and teachings to create a balanced, empowered life filled with peace and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of items are included?
    • Expect a blend of oils, herbs, crystals, divination tools, and more.
  • How many items will I receive?
    • Each box includes between 11 to 20 items, depending on their value.
  • What about shipping and customs?
    • Boxes ship worldwide. Customs duties are not included and are the buyer's responsibility.
  • What if my address is incorrect?
    • It's the customer's responsibility to keep their account information updated. Incorrect addresses may result in misdelivery and we hold no responsibility for boxes delivered to the wrong address.

Subscribe Today: Let the Mystical Trio Box guide you each month through a curated experience that’s as enlightening as it is enchanting. Subscribe now to start receiving a carefully blended selection of spiritual tools that will elevate your practice to new heights.

Step into a more profound exploration of your spiritual path with Spiral Rain's Mystical Trio Box, your monthly gateway to a richer, more integrated magical life. Blessed be! 🌿🔮