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Spiral Rain

WitchClass Box (single lesson)

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🌙 WitchClass Box by Spiral Rain: Your 12-Month Journey into Old World Witchcraft 🌙

Discover, learn, and grow with each lesson and unlock the witch in you! ✨🔮

Enter the arcane sanctuary of Spiral Rain's WitchClass Box, the quintessential guide to Old World Witchcraft. Curated by a seasoned practitioner, this 12-month course is a labyrinth of ancient wisdom and modern application. Key phrases like "Old World Witchcraft," "Witchcraft Course," and "12-Month Magical Learning" make this offering a lighthouse for those sailing the seas of spirituality, seeking a genuine, in-depth understanding of traditional witchcraft. Subscribe now and let each monthly module be a stepping stone on your path to magical mastery. This isn’t a Wicca course; it’s an eclectic course based on Old World Witchcraft and various branches of the craft, and it does go through the wheel of the year.

The modules will be released monthly and shipped between the 1st and the 8th of each month. This gives you an entire month to practice and integrate the lessons properly.

WitchClass Box study modules:

  1. Know yourself to know your craft
  2. The Elements
  3. Gods and Godesses
  4. Familiars, totems and spirit guides
  5. Tools and altars
  6. The 8 Sabbats of the year
  7. Moon magic
  8. Casting a circle
  9. Candle magic
  10. Rituals
  11. Past lives
  12. Herbs and crystals for magic

Pictures are examples of boxes sent with this course; items vary depending on availability. We no longer send BOS sheets with the boxes; these have been replaced with other useful items.

Who Should Purchase?

If you are a seeker yearning for a structured journey into the mystical realms of Old World Witchcraft or an experienced witch looking to deepen your practice, the WitchClass Box is a meticulously crafted course designed to guide, enlighten, and empower you through a year-long magical odyssey.


  • 📜 12 Months, 12 In-Depth Modules
  • 🛠️ Curated Ritual Tools and Items
  • 🌕 Covers Moon Magic, Sabbats, and More
  • 🌟 Tailored Experience with One-Time Purchase Options

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does each module cover?
    • Each of the 12 modules focuses on a specific area of witchcraft, such as elements, gods and goddesses, Sabbats, and more.
  • Can I purchase just one lesson?
    • Absolutely! You can choose a one-time purchase of a specific lesson based on its release schedule.

The WitchClass Box by Spiral Rain is not just a subscription; it's a transformative experience, a magical syllabus etched in time and tradition. Every module opens a new door in your inner temple, allowing you to explore different corridors of magical thought and practice. It offers more than just tools and trinkets; it offers wisdom, a connection to a lineage of witchcraft that stretches back through the ages. As you unbox each module, may you also unlock deeper layers of yourself and the ancient craft we so dearly honour.

Subscribe today and make each month a step in your endless spiral of growth. Blessed be! 🌙✨