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Spiral Rain

Jasper Yellow Tumbled Small

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Yellow Jasper is a stone of the Solar Plexus Chakra. It imparts a surge of energy and happiness, elevating one's attitude. Additionally, this gem protects you during travel and spiritual endeavours. General: Yellow Jasper is a protective and perceptive stone. It provides mental clarity and inner strength. Yellow Jasper stones are beneficial for spiritual or physical travel protection. Yellow Jasper facilitates positive interactions with strangers. Yellow Jasper aids in attracting positive energy and bolstering self-confidence and zeal. It can foster learning. Yellow Jasper can provide extremely powerful grounding energies that will make you feel calm and peaceful even during times of stress. It will guide you through your earthly experiences, making it a good stone. It will also ensure that you advance along your life's trajectory. It is also a stone of intellect utilised frequently by intellectuals, scientists, poets, and doctors. It will assist maintain mental clarity and concentration. Yellow Jasper is also an exceptionally nourishing stone. It will provide stress relief and peace. It will absorb your suffering and be a terrific companion during times of stress. Additionally, it is a stone you should carry with you if you wish to become one with nature. Yellow Jasper will impart confidence and courage to your life. It will attract positive energy and assist in boosting your confidence. It is also a potent stone if you wish to establish stronger and more intimate relationships. This stone's powerful anchoring powers will make you feel quiet and at peace even during times of stress.

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