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Spiral Rain

WitchClass Box

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WitchClass Box by Spiral Rain: Your Gateway to Old World Witchcraft

Discover, learn, and grow with each lesson and unlock the witch in you! ✨🔮

Dive into the mystical realm of Old World Witchcraft with our WitchClass box - a comprehensive 12-month course delivered right to your doorstep! Unveiled in 2018, honed in 2019, and refined for the digital era, this course is crafted to enrich your understanding and practice of authentic witchcraft. A perfect blend of history, tradition, and modern application. This isn’t a Wicca course, it’s an eclectic course based on Old World Witchcraft and various branches of the craft and it does goes through the wheel of the year.

The modules will be released each month, starting in January 2023 and are shipped on the 15th. This gives you an entire month to practice and integrate the lessons properly.

WitchClass Box study modules:

  1. Know yourself to know your craft
  2. The Elements
  3. Gods and Godesses
  4. Familiars, totems and spirit guides
  5. Tools and altars
  6. The 8 Sabbats of the year
  7. Moon magic
  8. Casting a circle
  9. Candle magic coming out September 15
  10. Rituals coming out October 15
  11. Past lives coming out November 15
  12. Herbs and crystals for magic coming out December 15


  • 12 Months, 12 Modules: From understanding yourself to unlocking the secrets of herbs and crystals, each module promises a deeper dive into the craft.
  • Exclusively Curated Items: Not just lessons, but the tools you need for practice. Expect unique and authentic items with each box! Pictures are placed as a reference for you to know what type of items to expect. These may change depending on their availabilty.
  • Flexible Subscription Models: Digital, monthly, or annually – choose what suits you. Fancy just one box? We've got you covered! Select a one-time purchase and let us know which lesson you want. If there are no notes or email sent, you will receive lesson 1. 

Please note that you can't purchase a Lesson that hasn't been sent out. For example: if you purchase a one-time box in March, you can choose to receive Lesson 1, 2 or 3 but won't be able to receive Lesson 8 because it is scheduled to come out on August 15th.

Exclusive Features:

  • Tailored Experience: Order a one-time box with your preferred lesson (based on release schedule).
  • Financial Flexibility: Pause your monthly subscription without missing out on a lesson.
  • Combine & Save: Existing subscribers can merge this box with regular subscriptions for optimized shipping! Shipping will be adjusted accordingly.

Important Notes:

  • Global Shipping: Delivered across Canada and selected international regions. If your region is not available at checkout, please contact us.
  • Customs & Duties: These are not included in our pricing. Boxes do include oils/sprays which could delay shipment to international regions. Ensure you're familiar with your region's customs policies.
  • Package Information: Keep your account details updated for hassle-free deliveries. If the information on a customer's account is not accurate at the time a package ships, the information currently reflecting on the account will be used to complete the shipment. Should a package be shipped to an incorrect address, it is the customer's responsibility to locate their package.

To read the full box FAQ please go here:

Need More Details? Get your questions answered. For personal assistance, drop us a mail at

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you!
Rani ✨