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Spiral Rain

Celestial Coven (Crystals + Witch Box combo)

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💎🔮 Spiral Rain's Celestial Coven: The Crystals & Witch Combo Box 💎🔮

Welcome to Spiral Rain's Celestial Coven, the ultimate subscription box for those enthralled by the power of crystals and the depth of traditional witchcraft. Each month, dive into a carefully curated collection that combines the best of both worlds—crystal energies and witchcraft essentials. Whether you’re deepening your existing practice or just beginning your journey, the Celestial Coven is designed to support a holistic spiritual journey with every unboxing.


  • 💎 A Lustrous Blend of Crystals & Witchcraft
  • 🔮 7 - 12 Carefully Curated, Full-Sized Items
  • 📜 Exclusive E-Course & Monthly Grimoire Magazine
  • 💖 Crafted with Ethereal Intention
  • 🌍 Ships Internationally

What’s Inside?

  • Diverse Array of Items: Expect 7-12 high-quality, full-sized items ranging from unique crystals to essential witchcraft tools, each selected to enhance your spiritual practices.
  • Exclusive Educational Content: Each box includes access to an exclusive e-course and our beloved monthly Grimoire Magazine, deepening your knowledge and skills in crystal healing and witchcraft.
  • A Fusion of Magic and Meditation: Items are chosen not only for their beauty and power but also for their ability to harmonize and enhance both beginner and advanced spiritual routines.

Who Should Subscribe?

  • Crystal Lovers and Witchcraft Practitioners: Ideal for anyone seeking to expand their collection of magical tools and grow their understanding of holistic and spiritual practices.
  • Seekers of Spiritual Growth: If you are looking for tangible ways to enhance your daily rituals and connect more deeply with the metaphysical, the Celestial Coven is for you.

Transformational Experience:

  • Current State: You might feel disconnected from spiritual practices or curious about integrating more profound magical elements into your life.
  • Desired Future: Experience a richer, more connected practice where each tool and crystal brings you closer to understanding the energies of the universe and harnessing them for personal growth and healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What celestial treasures will I find in the Celestial Coven?
    • Your box is a curated amalgamation of both crystal and witchcraft elements, ranging from magical gemstones to ritual tools and beyond.
  • What is the value of this enchanted box?
    • The retail value of each box goes beyond CAD $110, excluding the priceless teachings from the mini-course and the Grimoire Magazine.
  • What about shipping and customs?
    • Boxes ship worldwide. Customs duties are not included and are the buyer's responsibility.
  • What if my address is incorrect?
    • It's the customer's responsibility to keep their account information updated. Incorrect addresses may result in misdelivery and we hold no responsibility for boxes delivered to the wrong address.

Subscribe Today: Embrace the mystical journey with Spiral Rain’s Celestial Coven. Let each month bring you new tools and insights that ignite your curiosity and enhance your spiritual practice. Join us and transform your approach to the magical arts.

Uncover the mysteries of the cosmos with each box—subscribe now and step into a world where crystal energy and witchcraft guide your spiritual path. Blessed be! 💎🔮